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About In Style

in-Style Organizing is a full service Professional Home Organizing company specializing in producing beautiful and functional homes that promote well-being. We want your home to be your ultimate wellness destination where you can enjoy with peace of mind. We combine creativity with strategy to incorporate intentional wellness elements in our services. Our goal is to make your life easier, more efficient and to reduce unnecessary stress (not to add to it). It's that simple!

We service Winnipeg city and surrounding areas.

Our Mission

We are on a mission to serve, create and transform your home  into a place that will support your vision and dreams, by shifting focus from quantity of stuff to quality of life. To design an environment that will allow for a richer, less stressed, more energy, more happy and thriving families. 

Our Why

"The ultimate luxury is being able to relax and enjoy your home"

We believe that our homes should help us enhance our health and well-being. Our surroundings have a much more significant physical and mental impact on us than we realize. Clutter not only increases our stress levels, anxiety and depression, it also stops us from living our most expansive, expressive and meaningful life. We believe, by eliminating unnecessary stuff, we're better equipped to focus on building our relationships, dreams and rediscovering our passions and purpose. 

It's about filling our souls rather than our physical space.

We want, when you look around your home and your workspace to feel that you are cared for, and worthy. That's why we do what we do.



Why Us

We create systems and strategies to maintain an organized and functional home. Period! In other words, we produce results!  Our team has years of industry experience, and a combined passion for creating beautiful and functional homes. By leveraging our knowledge, experience and manpower, we'll produce your desired outcome faster than you may have thought possible. This means that we can quickly and easily help you find the solutions you need, whether it is to change your décor or overhaul a space. We will work with you from concept to finish.

We are a full service company which means we'll take care of the logistics and every detail so you don't have to. We want you to leave the heavy lifting to us and make your home a peaceful oasis where you and your family can truly enjoy living. 

Our process and project management is very streamlined and saves you time and headaches. We are always ready to talk to you and consult with you about your project. Transparency and communication is very important to us. We also educate you throughout the entire process. 

We do all of this in a judgement-free working environment, as our team is well trained and professional always. We are are also a positive, happy and fun bunch. Never a dull moment!

We strive to remain a tremendous asset to you, for your current and future projects.


Smiling Professional Looking Woman

Michelle, Assistant

She keeps all of us organized and she keeps you updated with everything in-Style.

Professional Woman

Maureen, Professional Organizer

She loves creating systems and simplifying everything. Her favorite words are "let it go!"

Professional Young Woman

Sharlene, Professional Organizer

She always has a tape measure in hand and some other tools, ready to get it fixed.

Professional Woman Smiling

Leanne, Professional Organizer

 With a never-ending smile on her face, she has a knack for making the impossible happen!

Smiling Woman

Lead: Interior Designer

Our interior design wizard! She's got an eye for design that can turn a dreary dungeon into a palace fit for a king (or a queen, of course)

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