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Lights! Colour! Action!

Updated: Aug 26, 2021

Easy Decor

There is nothing more enjoyable than new things! Whether it's a new day, new baby, new clothes, new doesn't matter!! New things bring a sense of accomplishment and a spirit of confidence.

It's no wonder that every New Year we are setting new challenges, goals and plans that are geared towards bringing the best out of us!

When it comes to our homes, where we run to after a hard day's work or where we spend a good chunk of our time in, they ought to bring out these feelings of accomplishment and confidence in us.

We need to keep our homes as sanctuaries that get us excited every time we think about them and there are a few inexpensive things that can help us to keep these positive vibes flowing all year round.

Revamping a room is as simple as 1,2,3. As you make changes to your space, keep these design principles in mind...


Having the right lighting can set the proper mood for a room. Try using some amber-tinted light-bulbs in your dining room to give a warm glow to your evening meals.


One of the simplest and least taxing ways to redesign a space is to change its color. Paint your wall in a different color to give it your own personal touch.


Let your personality shine through by filling your space with family photos and art that represent your passions. Different accessories add excitement while ensuring that your space is really your own.

NB: Stripes can manipulate the perceived size of your room. Vertical lines lend a sense of height to low-ceilinged spaces.

To update the look in a room, you can update the light switches. Find a decorative switch plate that will fit the design of the rest of your room.

Try these tricks in any room or space and you'll see and experience the difference!

All the best!

in-Style Organizing

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