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How to Organize a Home Office


Client files- Consider sorting each client file into regular subcategories e.g. contracts, invoices, work

product background info. Etc. use colour or tab position to indicate the differences. Prospects and

client files can be put together as they both require a lot of care and need equal attention. When a

prospect becomes a client, just reattach the label.

Subject files- Includes articles and notes that you use to keep yourself updated in your area of


Spark files- you keep sample brochures, marketing pieces and forms from other businesses collected to

stimulate your own creative juices and business ideas.

Cash receipts, Notes from seminars and courses, financial papers, Business ideas all need to be filed

separately and well labelled for easy access.


Keep only those items that have a strong practical, monetary or sentimental value to you. Sort your

items into groups that make the most sense to you…e.g.

  • Gardening -tools, seeds, soil etc.

  • Tools – electrical, plumbing, tiling, painting, adhesives, nails etc.

  • Clothing- by person, season and size

  • Sporting- by sport, person and age

  • Memorabilia- by person, year and event

  • Those that you do not need, toss, sell or donate

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