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Our company focuses on the core elements of well-being, providing experiences that nourish the mind, body and soul to allow our members to become their most authentic version of themselves. To focus on what they love and value most, what lights them up, and delegate the rest.

We specialize in providing bespoke, highly personal  home & lifestyle experiences to busy professionals, care-givers, executives, and entrepreneurs in Manitoba. 

We are passionate about delivering truly exceptional service to our members, which includes two hours a week of in-person residence visits and 24-hour call support.

Like handling to-dos for your home, the kids, yourself. It’d be impossible to list every single one here, but we’ve put together some ideas for starters.

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 Sometimes you need a second set of hands to get things done at home.  Let our team of dedicated personal concierges handle the dry-cleaning pick ups, doctor appointments and party planning.  We are here to deal with those every day requests to free up your time so you can sit back, relax and enjoy the finest experiences that life has to offer.


We strongly believe that our clients' health is the most important asset they have.  We have the conviction that well-being is a holistic experience  and your concierge will plan and schedule all your visits with consultants in diet and nutrition, fitness and exercise, and health optimization.  

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We assist with all dining reservations whether it be a private room for a special get together, or a chef's table at your favorite restaurant. We can help get you back into the places you’ve missed and love the most—and help you discover some new ones, as well. From classics to new private dining experiences. 


We look after your property when you are away on vacation or on a year-long sabbatical in Africa. Your concierge will do in-person weekly monitoring of your property, survey the entire residence, and send you a weekly report with photos to keep you informed.

We'll also take care of your mail and packages, provide cleaning staff, manage utility suppliers, weekly home maintenance vendors, and provide you with a status report for each service appointment.

Unique Experiences

We will work with you to curate unforgettable experiences and to come up with the best ideas to entertain friends, family or enjoy a date night.

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Personal Shopping

We appreciate that your personal brand image is one of your most important assets, so we are here to assist you to maximize your personal look.  We'll also help you find the perfect gift for every occasion and have it delivered.

Join The Club

Thanks for applying to our Club. Talk soon!

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