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The master plan

  1. Gather general information about your specific likes, dislikes, strengths & weaknesses

  2. Identify goals

  3. Set up a plan

  4. Break up the plan into simple tasks

  5. Schedule tasks and work toward your goals a little each day

  6. Develop ways to check progress and reward yourself for achievements.

Organizing from the inside-out is a method that accommodates your personality, needs, situation and

goals rather than force you to change.

There are three steps to organizing any room:

  1.  Analyze: step back to take stock of your current situation by defining where you are going,where you are , what’s holding you back and why it’s important to get there

  2.  Strategize: Create a plan of action for the physical transformation of your space including arealistic schedule for making it happen.

  3.  Attack: methodically dive into the clutter sorting and arranging items to reflect the way you think making sure you see visible dramatic results as you work.

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