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'Night Shift Fairy' for Mother’s Day

A hilarious take on the oblivion surrounding of some individuals on house chores was depicted through a video that circulated widely on social media a few months back. In the skit, one man was explaining that his wife was angry with him after he had told her not to worry about tiding the house before going to bed because a fairy would do it whilst they slept. Naturally, this infuriated the wife who always took it upon herself to tidy the house after everyone had gone to bed. The punchline of the video was that after ascribing the tidiness of their home each morning to the ‘night shift fairy’, the friend was amazed that they both had the exact same ‘fairy’ experiences.

Whilst many arguments can be raised around gender stereotypes and the absurdity of an adult entertaining the notion of a cleaning fairy, two important points are made; firstly, that tidying and/or organizing the house is not for everyone (male or female) and secondly, that it is tedious and/or time consuming. For some it is so much so, that they may get overwhelmed just at the thought of it and stop doing it altogether. A home however need not suffer the fate of the proverbial pig sty. It ought to be warm, cozy and peaceful, a state that is hard to achieve in chaos and disarray.

Frankly, looking after the home requires more than just effort, it requires time. However, in the world we live in today, with many demands on this all-important commodity, most people rarely have time even for themselves. It would therefore be a treat to free up time for a guilt-free massage, an evening out with friends, reading a book - whatever one’s downtime activity - and still enjoy the satisfying sense of a tidy and well-organized home.

A well thought out organizational system can help one achieve this and bring sanity to the daily routine of tidying, so that it is quick and easy to do. This is what drives In-Style Organizing. We demystify home organizing by not merely tidying up for a day, but ensuring that we make it easy and convenient for home owners and tenants to do so long after we are gone. We empower our clients to take control of their public and intimate spaces in a manner that makes it easy to maintain. In-Style Organizing has combined technique and passion to create order even in the smallest of spaces.

By saving you time, our gift to you is allowing you and the important people in your life to experience and enjoy the all-important business of living your life or indulging in your cherished pass times.

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