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Preparing for Wellness in the Spring

You may feel like winter is never going to end, but spring is just around the corner. In the next few weeks, temperatures will begin to rise and the snow will finally melt. It’s an exciting time of the year! Hopefully your wellness routine during winter has served you well, but it’s time to let go of those old habits and start some new ones. Here’s how you can prepare your new wellness routine for spring.

Get Ready for Walks

You can finally get outside and enjoy walking while soaking up the sunshine. If you’re having trouble getting motivated to head out, then unpack your warm weather workout gear and check out your shoes. Are the soles worn? Does your gear need a little pick me up? If so, it’s time to go shopping! You can find brightly colored tights, bras, and shoes that will get you in the mood for spring. Floral and fun patterns are really popular right now, so pick out some happy, light gear to get you motivated.

Visit the Farmer’s Market

This is also an exciting time to change up your eating routine. Winter vegetables are hearty and enjoyable, but you can start looking forward to some lighter fare. Look for spinach, artichokes, peas, and radishes when you go shopping. If you don’t have a farmer’s market to visit, then check out your local grocery store or consider ordering from a meal planning service. Many services send fresh, organic ingredients that are in season. It’s an easy way to overhaul your eating plan.

Plan a Healthy Vacation

Are you ready for spring break? Instead of looking for a traditional vacation that involves a lot of overindulgence, look for locations that will allow you to exercise and eat well. You can book spas and resorts that are focused on wellness in just about any location in the world. You can also plan a wellness trip on your own. If you want to exercise, consider going hiking in the mountains instead of lazing on the beach. If you’re not quite ready to let winter go, then skiing is a fun, active way to spend spring break.

Clean Out Your Closet

Springtime is also a perfect time for spring cleaning! As you bring out your warm weather clothes, sort through them and donate the ones that don’t fit or that you never wear. You can do the same with your winter clothes. Do you have a coat you didn’t use this winter? What about old sweaters that stayed in the closet? Put them in the donate pile and get rid of them! While you are doing this, open the windows and let fresh air in. You’ll feel happier and more energized as you sort.

Spring will eventually arrive. You can start planning now so that you will be ready for the first warm day. Start sorting your clothing and pick up some fun new clothes to take on long, sunny walks. If you haven’t already booked your spring break vacation, do it now! Make it a healthy, fun, recharging vacation. And finally, clean out your freezer and refrigerator so you’re ready for fresh, delicious vegetables. Spring is a great time to start over and usher in a new phase in your life. Get started today!

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